Things have changed, there not the same, as time has changed the rules are broken

And we are broken like broken chains… we all have broken hearts and worst of all our minds are broken and our thoughts follow behind like its tired and worn out from all the work it goes through to try to make you happy and all you do is take it for granted…

And play around but no one’s laughing it’s time to be serious and look around you…

The clock is ticking so don’t waste a moment… keep it moving and keep it going

The time has come for you to lead… show us the way… and don’t be afraid

We got your back just look ahead and remember we’re trusting in you to get us through like you trust in us to protect you… we will… we will.. where all gonna make it.

-Tamara Price

You  must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mahatma  Gandhi


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