Reality TV

Reality tv shows, I most definitely watch those on a regular. From basketball wives to mob wives, love and hip hop and the list goes on. I am a tv watcher of different kind of shows. I make sure that I am at home set and ready for a new episode to come on and I record my shows as well. What I am going to do now is make a pledge to myself to be more versatile in the things that I do. For instance, just as much as I tune in faithfully to these tv shows, I am going to match that with reading a book and/or any other mind stimulating activities. You should make a pledge to yourself too, by doing something that you feel is best for you that matches something that you do often, that can be portrayed as not being productive and do something that will be portrayed or that you feel is productive.

2013 has Arrived!!!

Most people make New Years resolutions. Me personally, I just try to become better at what I do or either change what wasn’t working for me before and use a different approach but that is a everyday thing for me. There is nothing wrong with making a New Years Resolution. If you do, its kind of like a challenge for yourself. Let me know what you think, Do you have a New Years Resolution, if so what is it? If not, what are you planning on doing different or the same for 2013.

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